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Application for first year’s students

All admitted candidates for the first year at the CentraleSupelec school who want to apply for accommodation must fill in the application form on the web site http://www.admission.logement.centralepariscampus.eu. Failure to apply for accommodation will result in the Residence inability to guarantee a room attribution for the back-to-school time.

The distribution of the rooms is managed by the Association of the Residents (AdR) according to different criteria. You can tell them your preferences, by filling their questionnaire online on their website http://www.adr-ecp.com

Application for second year’s students

No application is required for those who already have their accommodation since their first year. Nonetheless, to ensure the correct distribution, all students must imperatively fill in the questionnaire of the ADR association on their website http://www.adr-ecp.com before the end of the first year!

Application for third year’s student

Due to the limited amount of accommodation, only under special conditions, accommodation to third year’s students can be assigned. Please contact directly the ADR association and the direction of the Ecole before the end of the second year.

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